Property Description

ZUHA, whose name is derived from the Arabic for 'morning light' is the most likely to seek private island in the United Arab Emirates. It is an island of inspiration that delights the senses and presents a unique quality. Designed to provide residents with generous plots of land, city skyline views and the ultimate level of privacy, ZUHA is home to a world-class, boutique retreat and only 30 limited editions unique private residences, located around the bling sea surrounding the island. Thirty luxurious villas reflect the waves and embrace the natural environment of ZUHA. These magnificent waterside houses located around the bling sea allow owners to become a part of the magic and pulse of ZUHA, which also features a world-famous boutique resort, spa, and restaurants. Every building provides a new outlook and a new source of inspiration. Stroll through beautiful paths, experience the tranquillity of a spa courtyard, and breathe the region's vibrant aromas. Soak up space, quiet, and calm, and allow beauty to surround you. The resort, spa, and restaurants are positioned strategically, while the 70 resort villas are nestled on the ocean's edge under a cover of wavy nature. Ten treehouse villas capture the skyline of Dubai from an elevated perspective in the middle of the island. Overlooking the top of the resort, and out to sea, the treehouses villas are unique in their framing and elevating for optimal exclusivity and privacy. These 2400 sq.ft treehouse villas feature one bedroom with ocean and sky views, a living space with sea views, one bathroom with a private garden and outdoor shower and an outdoor terrace and private pool.

Payment Plan

  • 1st Instalment


    On Booking
  • 2nd Instalment


  • 3rd Instalment


  • 4th Instalment


  • Final Instalment


    On Completion

Life Style

ZUHA was created with the environment and sustainability in mind. When the ultimate privacy is desired, ZUHA offers world-class in-villa dining experiences to complement its four major dining venues. Savour our broad selection of eating options that highlight the region's wealth and the history and innovation of food that has evolved by the sea. The setup of the beach club is a modern interpretation of the skylights typical of Arabic architecture. This dynamic facility features two venues on the ground and first floors, as well as a huge indoor-outdoor experience, and is available to both day guests and in-house guests. It serves as the arrival point for the resort and island. Nestled in the heart of the island, the spa and treatment centre provide an oasis of tranquillity that pauses the world. This one-of-a-kind spa takes its inspiration from temple interiors and the traditional architecture of this region, using air, water, and light to deliver the ultimate sensory relaxation. From the floating paddle tennis court to the water sports center, ZUHA has everything when it comes to coastal excitement. Choose everyday between kitesurfing, kayaking, sailing, jet skiing, diving, and swimming, as well as a variety of other exceptional experiences selected to gratify even the most adventurous and athletic spirit.


  • Arrival Jetty
  • Tennis Court
  • Gym
  • Healing Centre
  • Spa
  • Glass Box Event Space & Bar
  • Main Restaurant & Pool Bar
  • Floating Paddle Tennis Court
  • Water sports
  • Beach Club Pool
  • Beach Club & Ceviche Bar
  • Kids Club
  • Multi-Function Facility
  • Reception/Lobby & Lounge
  • Football Field

Local Community

The World Islands are a group of islands of small artificial islands built in the style of a world map and situated in the Persian Gulf, off the coast of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Since then, it has become home to The Heart of Europe, a collection of short- and long-stay European-themed projects built around seashores, gardens, and lagoons. 

Development Location