Dubai's Beach Club Scene. Explore the Best of Now and What's to Come!

Explore the Best of Now and What's to Come!

As the sun begins to set on summer, embrace the chance to explore Dubai's premier beach clubs, both those currently open and those on the horizon.
As the scorching summer season draws to a close in Dubai, the city undergoes a remarkable transformation. With the cooler months on the horizon, Dubai gears up to become a prime tourist destination, attracting visitors from around the world. One of the most alluring aspects of this transition is the vibrant beach club scene that springs to life. Dubai, often referred to as the jewel of the Middle East, is renowned for its extravagant lifestyle, lavish resorts, and pristine beaches.  For those planning a visit to this opulent city, the vibrant beach club scene is an absolute must-experience. These beach clubs are not only known for their luxurious amenities but also offer breathtaking views and world-class entertainment. 


Cove Beach Dubai

Nestled at the iconic Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Cove Beach Dubai is the epitome of chic beachfront relaxation. This renovated gem offers pristine sands, crystal-clear waters, a seafood-centric restaurant, signature cocktails, and cabanas for your ultimate seaside escape.


Soho Beach DXB
Soho Beach DXB isn't just a beach club; it's an immersive entertainment experience. Located at the Meydan Grandstand, it's famous for extravagant parties, top DJs, a sprawling pool, private cabanas, and breathtaking views of Dubai's skyline.
Picture - Mircea Sulger
Drift Beach Dubai
For tranquility seekers, Drift Beach Dubai at the One&Only Royal Mirage is an oasis of exclusivity. With an elegant design, attentive service, and gourmet Mediterranean cuisine, it's the perfect retreat from the city's hustle and bustle.
Azure Beach
Azure Beach, located at the Rixos Premium JBR, is a trendy beach club with a stunning view of the Arabian Gulf. It offers a lively atmosphere, Instagram-worthy pool, and delectable cuisine, often hosting themed parties and events.
Nikki Beach Dubai
Situated on the Pearl Jumeirah Island, Nikki Beach Dubai combines a chic beachfront vibe with a renowned beach club experience. Expect signature cocktails, a Mediterranean-inspired menu, and vibrant entertainment.
DRIFT Beach Club at One&Only Royal Mirage
Completing our top 10 list is the DRIFT Beach Club at the One&Only Royal Mirage. With its Mediterranean-inspired charm, infinity pool, and private beach, it's a serene haven in the heart of Dubai.
Twiggy by La Cantine
While the majority of Dubai's premier beach clubs are situated in the vicinity of Dubai Marina or Palm Jumeirah, Twiggy by La Cantine has managed to carve a niche for itself with its distinctive location along Dubai Creek. Located within the Park Hyatt, this establishment offers a chic interpretation of the South of France.
Twiggy by La Cantine is a beachfront gem that has quickly become a favorite among Dubai's discerning visitors and locals alike. Located along the stunning coastline of Jumeirah, this chic beach club offers a unique fusion of Mediterranean charm and contemporary elegance.
What could be more delightful than spending a leisurely Saturday soaking up the sun, enjoying some refreshing drinks with your friends, and later, dancing beneath the starry sky? Barasti, a Dubai institution, offers a quintessential vacation experience that can be savored any day of the week. Whether you opt for a refreshing swim, relax on a beachside lounger, or prefer to unwind at the bar with friends while watching a game of football, Barasti caters to all your needs.
Picture by Mauro caldonazzi
Laguna Lounge Dubai
Positioned on the opposite side of Sofitel The Palm's pool and beachfront, Laguna Lounge artfully combines the essence of a Grecian island beach bar with the allure of the French Riviera, striking a perfect balance between the two. Adorned with pristine white caged rattan furnishings and private cabanas adorned in billowy white chiffon, this beachfront bar exudes an unmistakable Instagram-worthy charm. For those seeking a serene escape from the family-friendly pool area at the hotel, Laguna Lounge offers a laid-back and inviting alternative.
Picture by Dean scott
Bla Bla Dubai
Since its grand opening in early 2021, Bla Bla has become a resounding success, boasting an impressive array of 20 bars, three restaurants, a stylish beach club, and a luxurious pool. For those seeking an indulgent experience, consider reserving a cabana or lounge seating and relish the feeling of owning the place. 
Here are some Anticipated Beach Club Openings: Dubai's Next Waves of Luxury and Leisure!
Nestled within the coveted confines of Palm Jumeirah, BCH CLB is poised to rise as a vibrant sanctuary, where patrons can luxuriate in opulence, bask under the radiant sun, and savor an exhilarating ambiance that is poised to establish unprecedented benchmarks for beachfront revelry in Dubai.
Five Luxe
FIVE Hotels and Resorts is gearing up to unveil its third Dubai-based gem this winter, with the highly-anticipated FIVE LUXE set to welcome guests by the close of 2023. This opulent sanctuary will boast an impressive array of 222 meticulously designed rooms and suites, complemented by a sumptuous selection of seven distinctive F&B venues. These culinary offerings will include a tantalizing Peruvian restaurant, a beachfront bar and grill, a chic poolside bar, an inviting café, a serene spa cafe, an elegant lounge, and more.
Gigi Rigolatto
In early 2024, the renowned beach club from St. Tropez is set to make a dazzling debut at the vibrant La Mer in Dubai. The Gigi Rigolatto establishment promises a lavish experience, featuring not one but two expansive terraces, a verdant garden, a stylish bar, a refreshing swimming pool, an enchanting kids' circus, and a rejuvenating wellness area. What's more, guests can revel in direct access to one of Jumeirah's most picturesque shores. Anticipated to be the hottest new beach club in Dubai, Gigi will captivate with a culinary journey inspired by Tuscany, all within a Mediterranean-inspired outdoor haven, setting the stage for unforgettable seaside indulgence.
La Baia
Originating from the vibrant streets of Manhattan, La Baia is poised to grace La Mer as an exquisite Italian dining establishment, drawing inspiration from the picturesque Amalfi Coast and its captivating seaside villages. Marking its second-ever location, La Baia is set to exude an understated yet resplendent ambiance, offering a seamless blend of indoor sophistication and al fresco charm. Guests can revel in the privilege of their very own beach area, complete with panoramic vistas of the azure sea and ample sunbeds for languorous beachside days. La Baia promises to join the ranks of Dubai's chic beachfront dining destinations, creating an inviting coastal oasis at J1 Beach, La Mer.
Looking forward to enjoy these beach clubs? These are always will be your reference points for Dubai's Beach club vibes. 


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