#report: countries with the most number of billionaires & wealth

U.S. With 705 billionaires enjoying a total wealth of $3,013 billion remained first while China continued to boast the world’s second-largest billionaire pool with 285 billionaires and total wealth of $996 billion, Germany came third and accounted for 12% of billionaires globally.

Russia jumped to the 4th place with 102 billionaires with a total wealth of $355 billion , United Kingdom jumped 3 ranks comparing to last year's ranking to take the 5th place with 97 billionaires enjoying a total wealth of $209 billion .

Despite this year’s investments losses, the Asia-Pacific region remained home to four of the top 15 countries based on their billionaire populations.

Hong Kong, a semi-autonomous region of China, ranked as the seventh most populous country for billionaires. With 87 billionaires, it also ranked as the second most populous billionaire city after New York City, which boasted 105 billionaires. 

India fell four notches this year to emerge in eighth place with 82 billionaires. Meanwhile, Singapore retained 15th position among countries despite its billionaire population falling to 39 individuals. The city-state’s 11% decline in billionaires was the biggest percentage decline among all leading municipalities. 

Certain Asian cities were less impacted by the regional slump, however. Hangzhou, China, home to billionaire Jack Ma’s Alibaba, and Tokyo, Japan both saw their billionaire populations drop by just one individual, but they saw no change in their ranking (14th and 15th place, respectively).

Source : CNBC