H1 2022

Dubai Branded Residences Report

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As of the end of the first half of 2022, there were a total of 58 branded residential developments in Dubai.

46% of these high-end developments are under construction, while 54% are completed. Among the many types of branded residences, residential developments adjacent to hotels were the most popular, accounting for 36% of the total number of branded residences in the emirate.

The average price per square foot for branded residences in Dubai was AED 2,721 (USD 740), reflecting a 37% price premium over non-branded developments in the same neighborhoods. During the first half of the year, 3,324 transactions totaling 16.3 billion AED were registered. Compared to the first half of 2021, the number and value of branded residence transactions have increased by 141% and 185%, respectively.

56% of transactions were primary market (off plan) transactions, demonstrating that property developers are becoming increasingly interested in the concept and that investors are eager to buy these properties, since the majority of the new developments sold out within days of their release.

The average price per square foot for an under-construction branded property was 29% higher than the price per square foot for a completed branded residence, indicating investors' optimism about the segment's future.

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